What does it mean?

According to author  Liz Plank, Hillary Clinton presented a platform that focused on disability issues. From what we remember, it was all about women's rights over their bodies, which in that context meant the power to abort a child, especially if it has a disability. Regardless of what Clinton presented or not on her platform, it... Continue Reading →

Equality is not Fairness

In 2018, women are still unequal to men. We're only about 15 percent of the homeless population; less than a quarter of suicides; 24 per cent of homicide victims; 7 percent of workplace fatalities. When are we going to step up and demand true equality?

It didn’t happen!

The circumstances around this post need not much explanation. An alleged attack against an 11-year-old girl where an Asian man supposedly cut off her hijab while she walked to school last week, did not in fact happen, Toronto police say. Some people were obviously sad the event didn't happen, though, and not for reasons based on... Continue Reading →

Raise Wages or Lower Taxes?

In the wake of the minimum wage increase in Ontario by 21% (from $11.60 per hour to $14 on January 1, 2018), and how it is hurting small businesses, it is evident that it is a political move on the part of the liberal socialist government, as well as a way to pay for their social agenda.... Continue Reading →

Institutional Racism?

Why is it "racism"? She is trying to make a logical point, but I don't see why she jumps to racism in the conclusion... not very logical! Definitely she needs some common sense!  

Trudeau’s bad guys

Why is is that the Trudeau government has always struggled when discussing what to do with the world’s bad guys? Justin Trudeau's common sense has displayed extremely poor judgment concerning not only Joshua Boyle, but also with his stance in regards to repatriating ISIL-friendly Canadians, and communist dictator Fidel Castro. See more at: http://nationalpost.com/opinion/chris-selley-photos-bring-trudeaus-seriousness-into-question-and-the-backlash-could-be-legendary

Key question for your doctor

Do you agree or would you offer assisted suicide?  This is a question every patient should ask his/her doctor. The reason is that a physician cannot truly and wholeheartedly work toward bringing his patient to health if he can choose at any time to give up that pursuit and suggest rather that the patient choose... Continue Reading →

Trudeau’s Respect for Multiculturalism

Common sense dictates Justin Trudeau will do the same with Mohammed, Buddah, and other religious figures to honour Canada's multiculturalism. Let's see how far he can get with those...   By: Hon. Candice Bergen, MP Why does Justin Trudeau think it's ok and cool to mock and ridicule Christianity by using cartoons as the face of... Continue Reading →

The true 1%

Statistically, in any totalitarian or oppressive regime, it was only the 1% that stood up and fought for freedom, justice, or even common sense. The rest either accepted it, supported it, or merely watched without doing anything, becoming complicit in their crimes. That means that there are high chances that we, you and us, might... Continue Reading →


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