Raise Wages or Lower Taxes?

In the wake of the minimum wage increase in Ontario by 21% (from $11.60 per hour to $14 on January 1, 2018), and how it is hurting small businesses, it is evident that it is a political move on the part of the liberal socialist government, as well as a way to pay for their social agenda. When you turn the government into a huge all-comprehensive nanny, this is what you get: those that labor and produce (government does not produce economically speaking, never) end up paying the bill. This is communism 2018.

That means that the reason why the minimum wage was elevated is so that people now have to pay more in taxes… as simple as that.

If the Wynne government really, really wanted to help those struggling low-wage earning workers, then they should ELIMINATE income tax completely! This in fact was the original structure of the USA prior to 1913. Before that, only indirect taxation was allowed.

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