It didn’t happen!

The circumstances around this post need not much explanation. An alleged attack against an 11-year-old girl where an Asian man supposedly cut off her hijab while she walked to school last week, did not in fact happen, Toronto police say.

Some people were obviously sad the event didn’t happen, though, and not for reasons based on hatred. The Toronto District School Board used the alleged attack in order to further its ideological agenda.

This is what Professor Gad Saad calls Islamophobia-Based Collective Münchhausen, and it’s worth to take a look at. Here is how it works:

1) A case of supposed bigotry is filed and it immediately receives non-vetted massive national/international coverage.

2) Faux-liberals and associated enemies of reason immediately cry Islamophobia and point to the hateful nature of Canadian society (when nothing could be further from the truth regarding the Canadian ethos of breathtaking tolerance). Canada is a wonderful, liberal, and tolerant society.

3) When the case in question turns out to have been manufactured, the Faux-liberals attack any and all individuals who exhibit any ire against those who were so injurious to the truth and to human decency. Remember even when the individual in question has FULLY FAKED the incident (and created division and fissures within our society), he/she remains the victim. Anyone who thinks otherwise is, you guessed it, Islamophobic.

4) Eventually, the faux-liberals revert to the narrative that they are very very very very very very very fearful of the unicorn backlash about to befall the community in question because Canadians are apparently so intolerant, unforgiving, and hateful.

Bottom line: There is NOTHING that any decent, (truly) liberal, and compassionate Canadian could do to NOT be accused of being Islamophobic. All roads lead to you being a raging Islamophobe unless you keep your mouth shut and accept the orthodox narrative.

Rinse, wash, and repeat the cycle.



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