TDSB Travel Ban

In this post, we will discuss the Toronto District School Board’s ban on travel to the United States, which was implemented in March 2017 in response to President Donald Trump’s own ban.

It is sad that an institution that is supposed to be there to help our children excel in their learning experience, instead decide to take an authoritarian role, and prevent many of our children from having rich and full learning experiences in the USA.

The robotics team at Glen Ames, for example,  finished second at an Ontario First Lego League competition last month, earning an invitation to an international tournament in the spring, in either Detroit or San Diego. This could mean a lot to the lives of these students, except that the Toronto District School Board has banned all students to travel to the United States…

“Not being able to have that opportunity, and going to the next level — the final stage of the competition — is unbelievable,” TDSB student Maisha Fahmida told CBC.

This lack of common sense by the TDSB is motivated by their “fairness, equity and inclusion” ideology. This is marxism and postmodern ideology at work, and this is what we are exposing our children to every day they head to school.

What is the logic of the TDSB implementing a travel ban in response to Donald Trump implementing a travel ban? And this is the people that are educating our future leaders??? What a joke… Sad…

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